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The Uses of Cannabis and its derivatives that you did not know

Why is it beneficial and why has it gained so much popularity lately? Discover these uses of Cannabis and its derivatives that you did not know with this interesting and informative post that we present to you from Hurcann.

For many people, it is still confusing, and this begs the question: how is hemp different from marijuana? For this reason, at Hurcann, we decided to dedicate our time to explaining its terms in detail.

It is that according to our purposes with our beloved public. A specific, detailed section dedicated to the dissemination of articles and news could not be missing from our Hurcann website. This is where our Blog was born and is maintained, to offer information of interest related to Cannabis.

This plant is used in many ways, not only is it consumed, but it is also used for many purposes. So, Discover these uses of Cannabis and its derivatives that you did not know.

Marijuana and Hemp belong to the same kind. Yet, they have been genetically selected for diverse and specific functions. In this case, they are mutated to enhance and adapt to different types of consumers. Both on a personal level as a consumer, as well as on a commercial or industrial level.

In this post, we explain the importance of its use and cultivation in the present day, the Marijuana and Hemp cultivation process, its uses, and industrial applications.

What a farmer looks for through his cultivation process

Considered one of the first plants cultivated by man. It can bring concrete solutions to the three main pillars of progress in humanity. These pillars are health, industry, and agriculture.

In fact, referring to the industrial term. Thousands of industries depend on hemp, such as textiles, food, cosmetics, fuel, and many others.

Marijuana cultivation process

Expert marijuana growers, in their cultivation process, tend to uproot male plants, eliminating plants with male organs to prevent pollination.

They do this in this way so that the males do not pollinate the female marijuana plants, since, for the most part, the main intention is to have more flowers, marijuana buds, and not marijuana seeds.

Because accidental pollination between hemp and marijuana plants always results in a reduction in the potency of marijuana at a psychoactive level, more space must be left between plants so that their lateral branching can develop properly.

The intention is to obtain more voluminous flowers full of buds, rich in THC. While hemp allows the pollination of female plants, with the aim that they produce seed, its varieties have a purpose to be cultivated. That is that there are 2 types of interests here, and it is for purposes of interest in this aspect.

Cultivation process with hemp

With hemp, extraction is intended to obtain the fiber, oil, or bases of woody materials. This type of extraction is ideal for obtaining fiber, and its purpose is to make the plant as tall as possible.

Conceive fewer flowers, achieve long stems, and all this is for the purpose of better extracting the material. Its woody stems would be ideal for extracting oil or other types of materials.

To achieve this extraction process, the stem needs to be denser rather than longer. For this reason, they are appreciated for their total weight to be consumed in different presentations, because in this way it is that more of this plant is used.

Therefore, in the process of cultivation, the plants must be close to each other. In this way, you can get long stems, and very thick fields with a very high degree of density, to make them grow very close to each other, since their hemp stems are less hollow and without so many branches, and hardly have flowers.

Uses and applications of industrial hemp today


Currently, hemp-based products have gained popularity as an ecological and sustainable option in response to the demand for many products.

Did you know? It has gone almost unnoticed as far as agricultural production is concerned. At the present time, it seems that it is beginning to gain ground throughout the world. This is because we are referring to a plant that offers different applications in numerous sectors and multiple possibilities.

Hemp, also called or recognized as “industrial hemp” for its multiple applications in this field, can be an important renewable source of raw materials; a sustainable alternative for the ecology of the planet, and very useful at an industrial and nutritional level.

Within this plant, there is a long list that can be produced. This gives us an idea of the immense possibilities offered by this species of Cannabis Sativa. We better present you below some of its best industrial uses today:

Pharmaceutical industry

Hemp seeds and seed oil are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, Gamma-Linolenic acid, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Also, a significant protein nutritional component that together or separately has a high nutritional value.

This is what makes this extract a very valuable element within the human body. They have been shown to have very beneficial properties for the body. However, they are generally used for the treatment of ailments and diseases. Which? Some of the most treated are neurodermatitis, arthritis, and premenstrual syndrome.

At the industrial agriculture level

It should be noted that the cultivation of hemp brings with it environmental benefits such as rotation and protection of the soil against erosion.

Furthermore, it prevents deforestation, has a good biological regime, and as a result, does not require chemicals, which makes it an ideal plant for production in the industrial sector.

Beauty products using hemp

Hemp contains many extremely beneficial compounds for skin health, such as vitamins or essential acids, and has become an ally of beauty worldwide.

Starting with the artists, influencers, and celebrities who know firsthand and you can see all its benefits reflected in its cosmetic application.

Beauty and personal hygiene products contain vitamins, essential acids, and soothing, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties to nourish and maintain the skin, they are even used in the treatment of some skin diseases, such as eczema, arthritis, and other types of rashes, ulcers or irritations.

They are usually seen in products such as lotions, soaps, balms, shampoos, gels, astringents, and others. We will not mention product brands or cosmetics here, because at Hurcann we do not sell these types of products.

We cannot recommend any since we only sell tested and top-quality products. Second, our intention with this article is strictly informative, and we do not want to put advertising on you, much less from a third party.

Nutritional and food industry

Hemp seeds and their oils have received much praise due to their great nutritional value and their high content of protein, calcium, iron, and essential fatty acids, and the most valuable components are omega-6 and omega-3.

Foods containing hemp seeds or oils have been shown to have very beneficial properties for the body and are also highly valued in vegan and vegetarian diets due to their high nutritional, protein, and essential value that only soy can provide.

Therefore, it has gained popularity in recent years and has been listed as a type of superfood, and is often sold as a dietary supplement. It can be used to make oil and milk and is often used as an additive in alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, and others.

Manufacture of cellulose and biodegradable plastics

Hemp is also used to make cellulose and biodegradable plastic. Using the woody core of hemp stems and bark, biodegradable plastic and paper can be made.

The fact that it is a renewable and environmentally friendly material makes it very attractive. And not only striking but competitive in the industrial market. Which generates a lot of attention within the current organic market, as part of the solution. An option to stop allowing the serious problem of deforestation on the planet.

Hemp fiber is the most used in the textile industry

Textile companies need fibers to make fabrics, clothing, accessories, and footwear, and hemp fiber is compatible with natural plant- and mineral-based dyes.

This is a plus when marketing diversity for all tastes and ideologies. In the organic, vegetarian, and vegan market it will be a total success. You can see how they will compete sustainably in the future.

Clothing made from hemp fibers has been used by new designers to create modern clothing that defies the belief that this material is only for bohemian or hippie clothing.

that in reality nowadays they are going for a good position in the market. The textile market as well as world-renowned brand industries such as Nike and Levi’s brand.

Giving rise to different types of fabrics, hemp fibers cannot be matched by any other natural fiber, it is a good ecological alternative to cotton since this last element of the industry requires many pesticides and other toxic products used in its treatment while the Hemp fiber provides quality, versatility, and resistance, due to its porosity and absorption power.

The use of hemp as building materials

Cellulose is what gives plants their structure, and the more cellulose it contains, the fewer chemicals are needed to extract it. This hemp cellulose can replace some of the main materials used in construction, structures.

Some of them can be insulated, chipboard, pressed cardboard, paper, concrete, rope, canvas, and wood.

In fact, it is a strong ecological alternative with impressive durability, light, waterproof with great resistance to even salt water, and respect for the environment, avoiding the total deforestation of the planet in the future.

Although the mixture with other materials can also be implemented to create different or better options.

Uses and applications of marijuana

The benefits of Cannabis consumption have been demonstrated and there are more studies in this regard. The problem is that the prohibition of marijuana has created a bad reputation for it.

Consequently, many people tend not to want the topic of conversation, the type of products with these ingredients, the purchase, or acquisition of the same, and this issue gives the whole planet something to talk about for no reason.

Right now, you are going to know the uses and applications of marijuana today.

Medicinal uses and applications of marijuana


Given the reputation as a popular low-risk and affordable home remedy for many people, they use it for therapeutic use. Allowing it to be an affordable alternative for people not enrolled in health insurance.

Just saying, this adds up to the people convinced by this natural and ecological treatment that can relieve, treat or reduce symptoms of different types of pathologies.

Marijuana has provided significant positive results in almost all areas of medical science, being medically efficient due to its robust therapeutic epilepsy and potential health aid.

In this way it will be possible to help stop, reduce or neutralize the progression and improve the quality of life in patients who present symptoms and conditions of various types or have been diagnosed with a specific chronic pathology.

Overall, medical cases with palliative medicinal potential and benefits for treating cognitive, Neurodegenerative diseases, autism, and other diseases with legal and relatively low doses.

Risks of producing psychiatric disorders, muscle spasms of various kinds, inflammation in the intestine, post-traumatic stress, multiple sclerosis, epileptic seizures, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, anxiety, osteoarthritis, cancer, and epilepsy.

Appropriate doses can be the main protagonist of a healthy lifestyle, being one of the best options to achieve well-being in general.

Recreational Marijuana Applications


Today, millions of people use Cannabis to relax and enjoy the psychoactive effects of the plant. However, lately, it has been seeking to increase the THC levels of the plant through the hybridization and selection of different Cannabis genetics.

From the arrival of CBD-rich strains, the paradigm seems to be changing, creating a new recreational consumption model focused on more sustainable use, raising CBD levels, and slightly reducing the psychoactive effects produced by THC.

Achieving an equitable balance that does not become extreme, rather pleasant to relax and enjoy as recreation or to carry out activities in which one must be in the utmost concentration and calm.


Marijuana and hemp have been genetically selected for diverse and specific functions. In this case, they mutate to enhance and adapt to different types of consumers.

Nowadays, millions of people use Cannabis to relax and enjoy the psychoactive effects of the plant. However, Hemp is recognized as “industrial hemp” for its multiple applications and can be a very important renewable source of raw materials; a sustainable alternative for the ecology of the planet, and of great utility at an industrial, pharmaceutical, cosmetological and nutritional level.

The fact that it is a renewable and environmentally friendly material makes it very attractive. The uses of Cannabis and its derivatives generate a lot of attention within the current organic market, as part of the solution to the serious problem that deforestation is happening on the planet.

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