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The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Rolled Cannabis

Pre-Rolled cannabis

Here we go folks! We have created the ultimate guide to pre-rolls so that your knowledge can achieve Snoop Dogg levels and you can become the joint sommelier your friend group desperately needs!

Bongs, pipes, vapes, edibles, and patches are all great ways to enjoy cannabis, but I think we can all agree that there is nothing quite like the joint! But it can get annoying to roll them yourself. Well, that’s where pre rolls come in.

In this article we are going to talk about what pre-rolls are, how they are made, what type of pre-rolls you can find in the market, the effects, duration, benefits and drawbacks, and where you can find the best products near you! So, stick around if you want your pre-roll game on the next level.

What is Pre-Rolled Cannabis?

In the world of marijuana, pre-rolls are king. A pre-roll is a joint that has already been rolled and is ready to smoke. It’s like having your own personal rolling assistant!

No more sticky fingers or the frustration of trying to get the perfect cone shape! The best part about them is that they come in a variety of sizes, strains, and combinations that make them the perfect smoking method for any occasion.

We will be getting into it further in this article. So if you’re looking for an easy and controllable way to enjoy your favorite cannabis strain, look no further than cannabis pre-rolls!

How are Pre Rolls Made?

I know what you’re thinking, who cares? All you likely care about is that it hits you the right way right?

Well, how your pre-rolls are made can impact your experience quite a lot and there are multiple factors that go into the final result of your joint. The main factors that determine your smoking experience are the following:

  • Flower Usage
  • Rolling Paper
  • Extra materials
  • Rolling technique

Let’s get into these and how they can impact your smoking experience both in positive and negative ways. The next time you speak to your budtender you will find that you will get to the good stuff in no time!

Flower Usage

Some people may not know that pre-rolls can be filled with different parts of the cannabis flower. Must users assume that you always smoke the nugs or buds, but that may not always be the case.

Most cannabis retailers use other parts of the flower that have the same effect but don’t necessarily have the same quality as if you grinded the flower and filled the pre roll with that.

You can also use trim or shake to pre-roll a joint. What are these? Let ‘s get into it!

Trim is basically what is left on the table after cutting all the buds or nugs from the cannabis flower. It includes the leaves, kief, fallen off buds, and some even contain seeds and twigs.

This can lead to a harsh smoke and bad flavor which is why most cannabis aficionados stay away from trim pre-rolls. But if taste doesn’t really matter to you, these are the cheapest pre-rolls in the market!

You can also find shake pre-rolls that are made from the remnants of the jars where the buds are stored. This is higher quality than trim because it’s what’s left of the full buds, but it still isn’t as fresh.

If you are looking for really high quality pre-rolls you are going to want to get bud made pre-rolls with freshly grinded weed.


Rolling Paper

The type of rolling paper can also impact your smoking experience as it can affect the taste and increase the high. There are really crazy types of rolling papers you can try so here is a run down of the main types of rolling paper.

The classic rolling paper is categorized by the material it is made with and can influence the durability, burn, and taste of your joint. The best materials are rice and hemp papers given they tend to give a more even and long lasting burn to those who chose them.

However if you want to experiment the different types of rolling papers there is more to be said. Not only can you find rolling papers made out of different materials but you can also find that they can have different flavors, and even added terpenes to make your high long-lasting.

Extra Materials

Smoking pre-rolls can get pretty interesting with the amount of entrepreneurs out there that have gotten very creative. From the foot-long pre-rolled Raw Cones, to crystal clear joint papers made of plant cellulose, there are some really interesting things out there!

You can even find papers made of 24k gold or papers that are one-hundred-dollar bill imitations. Definitely something for special occasions to flex in front of your friends!


Pre Rolled THC
Pre Rolled THC

Rolling Technique

Lastly, the rolling technique will also impact your smoking experience. If it is machine rolled it can sometimes be too compressed and stuffed to be smokable. If it’s hand-rolled it can also need to be more compressed.

If you want to determine if the pre-rolled has been rolled properly, give it a little squeeze before you buy it. If it’s too packed it won’t give in, if it gives in too much it needs more material. If it gives in just a little then it’s perfect.

The Effects and Duration of a Pre Roll

Cannabis pre-rolls are one of the most mellow and controllable ways to smoke. The effects depend on the strain and there are mainly two types of strains that determine the effects you will feel.

If you smoke THC rich pre-rolls, you will feel euphoric, energetic, creative, and relaxed which is great for when you want to go out or pop out some creative work. Some THC rich strains include: THC, THCa, THCO, Delta-8, and Delta-9.

It’s important to keep in mind when experimenting with THC pre-rolls, that it is the psychoactive part of marjuana. So, some people do report feeling paranoia or anxiety sometimes.

Don’t Worry. Take it smoke by smoke and see how you react to each strain before going all in.

On the other hand, if you smoke CBD rich pre-rolls you will feel pain relief, a higher sense of relaxation, and it will help you sleep! So if you suffer from insomnia or have a hard time with anxiety or depression some CBD pre-rolls are a great option for you.

As far as duration, pre-rolls tend to last between 30 minutes to an hour. Though it could be less or more depending on the potency of the strain.

You can determine how potent a strain is by looking at the THC percentage. The higher the THC concentration, the stronger the strain. That rule is king, so keep it in mind.


Smoking a Joint 
Smoking a Joint

The Benefits of Using Cannabis Pre Rolls

Now let’s get into some of the pros and cons that come to smoking pre-rolls according to what usual consumers have reported.

Pros to Pre-Rolled Joints Cons to Pre-Rolled Joints 
They are easy to control.They can be made from low-quality material
They are cheaper than other smoking options.They can be faulty and un-smokable.
They come in a variety of options and can be very diverse experiences.They are more costly in the long haul
They are time efficient, transportable, and disposable.It can be difficult to determine what can be found in a pre-rolled joint.

How to Order Pre Rolls like a Pro!

Ordering pre-rolls can be very overwhelming because there are a lot of things to consider. Some of the main factors that come into selecting the correct pre-roll are:

  • Size
  • Rolling Paper
  • Added Concentrates
  • Strain Type
  • And Flower Type

Let me break it down for you like a menu you can choose from to create your ideal strain:

Rolling Papers 
By Material Rice – Longer lasting
Hemp – Better taste
Celofane | Celulose – Transparent
Herbs like Rose or Lavender – Natural
Miscellaneous – Gold or printed material
By Size Single Wide – Thin and regular sized
1 ¼ -inch – Wider regular sized
1 ½ -inch – These are for gorilla fingers
Double Wides – What Snoop Dogg uses for breakfast
Kings – Double the length of the regular joints and double the width.
Kings Slim – Double the length of the regular joints but regular width.
Addable Concentrates Kief
Hash – hachis – hash rocks 
Wax – resin
Concentrate oil
Moon Rocks 
Ice Caps 
By Strain Type THC – euphoric high
CBD – relaxing high
HHC – slightly more euphoric high
Delta-8 -slightly less euphoric high
Delta-9 -higher than Delta-8, lower than THC
THC-O – strongest high
CBG – medium high for those who enjoy the best of both worlds
Flower Type There are literally thousands of strains available in the market. Some examples are OG Kush, Pineapple Express, White Widow, Purple Gas, and Legendary OG. But if you want to know more about the specific effects check out leafly, the largest cannabis encyclopedia in the market.


4-pack CBD Pre rolls
4-pack CBD Pre rolls

Where Regulations Stand on Selling and Buying Cannabis Pre Rolls

While most states in the United States have already declared recreational cannabis consumption legal, it is still not approved federally which makes the cannabis industry a tricky subject when speaking about regulations.

However, in Miami there are already tons of options available though you are only allowed a certain amount of consumption per month. You can find a wide array of businesses that are already offering great products out there.

From edibles to moon rocks feel free to explore the market near you if you are curious about cannabis use. But we recommend you do it in the safety of your own home.

Cannabis Pre Roll Pricing & Where To Buy Quality Products

If you’re looking to buy a single pre-roll for a Friday night in, then you will find yourself paying anywhere from $5 to $15. This will depend on the type of rolling paper, size, added concentrate, and strain type.

As it goes for package joints you can buy them ranging from the price of $15 to $50. This also depends on what impacts the price of a single joint. It will also depend on the amount of joints the package contains. Most contain anywhere from 2 to 12 joints.


Have you ever tried a pre-roll? Let us know your experience in the comment section below! And if you want to sample a pre roll, feel free to request one on our website, we will be happy to help!