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The Top 5 Remote Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

cannabis company remote jobs

Welcome to the exciting world of remote jobs in the cannabis industry! If you’re looking for a career that allows flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to be part of one of the fastest-growing sectors today, then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we will dive into why remote jobs are so popular, look at the cannabis industry itself, and understand why it’s such an attractive field for professionals seeking remote work options.

Plus, we’ll also reveal our top five remote job positions within the cannabis industry that offer excellent prospects for growth and fulfillment. But first things first, let’s look at what remote jobs are.

What is a Remote Job?

A remote job is a type of employment that allows individuals to work from anywhere in the world without being tied down to a physical office space, offering flexibility and freedom like no other job out there.

Furthermore, remote jobs provide opportunities for individuals who may not have access to traditional employment options due to various reasons, such as disabilities or caregiving responsibilities. But this isn’t the only benefit they offer, so let’s take a look at a few more. 

remote cannabis jobs entry level
remote cannabis jobs entry level

The 6 Main Benefits of Having a Remote Job

With a remote job, you have the freedom to work from anywhere, whether that’s your home office, a coffee shop, or even while traveling. This offers multiple benefits, such as: 

  1. You can create your own schedule and work at times that are most productive for you.
  2. You can say goodbye to rush-hour traffic and crowded public transportation.
  3. You have increased autonomy and independence and are without constant supervision, allowing you to deliver results on your own terms.
  4. You can have a better work-life balance, allowing more time for personal interests or family commitments. 
  5. It may improve your overall well-being, thus improving your productivity. 
  6. You can actually save money on commuting costs, lunch and wardrobe. 

So now that we have understood what remote jobs are, and the main benefits of having a remote job, let’s look into what the cannabis industry consists of exactly and some remote jobs within it. 

remote cannabis marketing jobs
remote cannabis marketing jobs

What is the Cannabis Industry?

The cannabis industry refers to the business sector that revolves around the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis-related products. It encompasses various aspects such as: 

  • Cultivation
  • Processing
  • Retail sales
  • Research and development
  • Marketing and branding
  • And legal support and consulting.

The main driving force behind the growth of the cannabis industry is the increasing legalization of cannabis in many countries, which has created a plethora of opportunities for individuals looking to work in a thriving and evolving field.

From small-scale growers to large-scale manufacturers, there are numerous job roles available within the cannabis industry. And the best part of all is that there are a ton of remote jobs you can take on in this field! So let’s take a look at a few examples. 

The Top 5 Remote Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

One of the great things about this industry is that many of these jobs can be done remotely, giving individuals the flexibility to work from anywhere. So what are some of the top remote jobs in the cannabis industry? Let ‘s take a look!

Remote Job What it Entails 

Content Writer

This job is perfect for skilled content writers who can create engaging and informative articles and blog posts and it only requires excellent writing skills and knowledge of SEO best practices.

Social Media Manager

A social media manager in the cannabis industry would handle creating content, scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and analyzing data, as well as handling their online presence.

Graphic Designer

A talented graphic designer who can create eye-catching designs for packaging, websites, advertisements, and social media campaigns is highly sought-after.

Web Developer

Remote web developers with experience in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are needed to create functional websites that showcase products or provide information to customers.

Cannabis Consultant

If you have expertise in regulatory affairs or hands-on experience with cultivation, extraction methods, or retail operations, working as a remote consultant might be your ideal job.

These jobs offer exciting opportunities for individuals interested in working within the cannabis industry. Whether you’re passionate about writing content or designing visually stunning graphics, there’s something out there for everyone! However it isn’t all just roses and rainbows, so let’s look at some pros and cons.

remote jobs in the cannabis industry
remote jobs in the cannabis industry

The 3 Main Pros and Cons of Remote Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Remote jobs in the cannabis industry offer a unique opportunity for individuals to combine their passion for cannabis with the flexibility of working from home. However there are pros and cons to consider before diving into this field. So let’s take a look at a few examples: 

Pros Cons 
It provides the freedom they provide. You have the ability to work from home or a  location that suits your lifestyle.It can be difficult to maintain focus and stay productive without direct supervision or an office environment. 
You can save money on commuting, lunches, dinners, and wardrobe. It also lacks social interaction, so you may miss out on face-to-face collaboration with other people. 
They offer a better work-life balance allowing you to set your own schedule. They require self-discipline and strong time management skills. 

While remote jobs in the cannabis industry offer many benefits, such as flexibility and autonomy, they also come with challenges like maintaining productivity and missing out on social interactions. So, weigh the pros and cons before pursuing a career in this field! 

The Best 5 Places to Find Remote Job Opportunities in the Cannabis Industry

If you’re looking for remote job opportunities in the cannabis industry, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of avenues to explore. So let’s take a look at a few examples: 

  1. Check out online job boards and platforms that specifically cater to the cannabis industry.
  2. Attend virtual conferences, webinars, and events where professionals from the cannabis industry gather, as you may come across potential job openings.
  3. Follow prominent figures and organizations in the cannabis space on social media, and keep an eye out for any remote job announcements.
  4. Consider reaching out directly to companies operating in the cannabis industry that offer products or services related to your skill set. 
  5. Consider working with staffing agencies or recruiters who specialize in placing candidates within the cannabis industry.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t land a position right away. And if you feel insecure about applying, we’ve got you! Let’s look at some tips on landing a job in the cannabis industry.

cannabis tester jobs remote
cannabis tester jobs remote

The Top 5 Tips for Landing a Remote Job in the Cannabis Industry

If you’re interested in landing a remote job in the cannabis industry, here are five tips to help you succeed: 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the current trends and regulations by staying updated on new products, laws, and emerging markets, which will help you navigate  conversations during interviews.
  2. Highlight your skills that align with the specific role you’re applying for. 
  3. Connect with professionals already working in the cannabis sector, as it can potentially open doors to remote job opportunities. 
  4. Use keywords to highlight your specific skill set from the job descriptions while maintaining professionalism throughout your documents.
  5. Explore niche websites dedicated solely to this field as well as social media groups focused on connecting candidates with employers.

By following these tips, and personalizing your curriculum vitae to each job position you’re applying for, you will be sure to land the position of your dreams within the cannabis industry while still maintaining your independence and freedom. 


In this rapidly growing cannabis industry, remote jobs are becoming more prevalent and attractive. From budtenders to digital marketers to product developers, these roles allow individuals to contribute their skills and expertise while enjoying the freedom and convenience of working remotely.

While there are certainly cons associated with remote jobs in the cannabis industry, such as limited face-to-face interaction or potential legal restrictions depending on location, many people find that the benefits outweigh any drawbacks.

So, if you’re considering pursuing a remote job in the cannabis industry, start by exploring various online platforms dedicated to connecting professionals with employers in this niche market. So happy hunting everybody!