White Widow Outdoor Delta-8 (CBG)

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CBG lovers rejoice!

White widow is a Hybrid strain that was specially bred to produce a high CBG content. We added a strong dose of Delta-8 to maximize your high. The blend of Cannabinoids in this flower is a popular choice for people that want to focus on some of the other benefits of Cannabis. Recent studies have suggested that CBG may help with increased focus, reduced anxiety, healthy appetite, and increased comfort (pain reduction).

This strain was bred from a cross between the Brazil Sativa landrace strain and the India Indica landrace strain. White Widow is a strain that thrives when it is grown outdoors, producing larger yields from its balanced and fruitful branches. Flowering takes about 60 days, which allows for the best and highest development of the CBG cannabinoid.

Cannabinoid Highlights: 

CBG: 9.775%

Delta-8 THC: 14.68%

Look: White Widow has an iconic light green and white bud. It is a perfect blend of its landrace parents, who both grow fluffy light green and white buds with lots of orange pistils. Just imagine the excitement of the first people who stumbled across these plants in the wild while walking through a Brazilian or Indian Rain Forest.

Smell: True to its wild roots, White Widow produces smells similar to those of a Rain Forest. Fresh and floral, with hints of earthy and pine. Its smell is fresh like plants well supplied with oxygen and water. A smell similar to walking through the forest after a rain shower.

  • Terpinolene – floral, fresh, herbaceous, slightly piney
  • Myrcene – earthy, fruity, musky
  • Humulene – hoppy scents that resemble the aromas in freshly cut hops or craft beer.
  • Pinene –  very refreshing and redolent of a pine forest.
  • Limonene – zesty citrus fragrance, primarily in lemon, but also in orange, lime, and grapefruit.

Taste: Smell is a good indicator of taste for this strain. Fresh is the first taste that comes to mind, which blends into a combination of flowers and earthy, with a slight undertone of pine. It’s almost as if Rain Forest was a taste, this would be it.

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CBD, Delta-8 THC


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Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene

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