Maui Wowie Indoor Delta-8 THC Flower

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Maui Wowie is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is known for its tropical and fruity flavors, as well as its uplifting and energetic effects.

It is high in CBD—a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant that is believed to have therapeutic benefits such as reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

CBD strains are popular among medical users, as they may offer the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the “high” typically associated with THC-dominant strains.

Cannabinoid Highlights:

CBD: 6.84%

Delta-8 THC: 14.73%

CBG: .25%

THC: .24%

Grown in: Tennessee

Look: The appearance of the Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC strain can vary depending on the grower, but it is generally considered to have a vibrant and attractive appearance. The buds are often medium to large in size and have a dense and compact structure. They are usually light to medium green in color and are covered in a heavy layer of trichomes, which gives them a frosty and sticky appearance. The orange pistils, which are the hairs that grow on the buds, are another distinctive characteristic of the Maui Wowie strain and add to its overall visually appealing appearance.

Smell: The Maui Wowie Delta-8 THC strain is known for its sweet and fruity aroma. The scent is often described as having hints of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, and passion fruit, with undertones of pine and a slightly spicy finish. Some people also detect notes of earthiness and a slight haze-like fragrance. The exact scent can vary depending on the growing conditions, curing process, and specific phenotype of the plant, but it is generally considered to be a pleasing and inviting aroma. The strong, sweet, and fruity fragrance of Maui Wowie can often fill a room and is a defining characteristic of the strain.

Taste: Maui Wowie is known for its tropical and fruity flavor profile. The taste is often described as a blend of sweet and sour notes with hints of pine and earthy undertones. Some people describe the flavor as having hints of passion fruit, mango, and papaya, with a slightly spicy finish. The exact taste can vary based on the growing conditions and curing process, but it is generally considered to be a well-balanced and enjoyable strain with a unique and distinct flavor profile.

History: The origin of the Maui Wowie strain is somewhat of a mystery, but it is believed to have originated in the Hawaiian islands, where it was named after the island of Maui. The strain became popular in the 1960s and 1970s during the counterculture movement and is considered one of the classic strains of that era. Maui Wowie is known for its uplifting and energetic effects, as well as its sweet and fruity flavor profile. While the exact genetics of the strain are unknown, it is believed to be a hybrid of Sativa and Indica varieties, which gives it its unique combination of effects and flavors. Today, the Maui Wowie strain is widely available and is enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

Growing Information: The time it takes to grow the Maui Wowie CBD strain can vary based on several factors, including growing conditions, the type of growing method used (indoors or outdoors), and the specific phenotype of the plant. Generally, it takes between 8-10 weeks to grow Maui Wowie from seed to harvest when grown indoors under controlled conditions. Outdoor growth will depend on the climate and local growing conditions, but typically takes anywhere from late September to early October to mature.

It is important to note that growing cannabis is a complex process and can be subject to various challenges, such as pests, disease, and unfavorable weather conditions. As a result, the exact time it takes to grow Maui Wowie can vary, and it is best to consult with a knowledgeable grower or horticulturist for more information on specific growing conditions and requirements.


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Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene

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