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The more pure and concentrated the CBD, the more possible crystallization will occur.

CBD is in liquid form when extracted and packaged in a cartridge. CBD molecules in the liquid can combine to create a solid lattice-like structure.

Many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant may be crystallized. CBD’s chemical structure makes it particularly accessible to this natural mechanism.

Low-quality CBD products may contain artificial flavors, chemicals, and cutting agents. Because there are fewer CBD molecules to join together, the possibility of crystallization is reduced.

The cleanest and the most concentrated CBD extract is used in the best CBD products. That implies there are more CBD molecules and they are considerably more closely packed. It also implies that the greatest CBD vapes will frequently display a little crystal.

By holding the cartridge under a light, crystals may be seen with the naked eye. The crystals are like small diamonds flashing and floating within.

What can you do to release the benefits of that CBD to ensure that none of it goes to waste, given that the best grade CBD is prone to some crystallization?

How Is CBD Crystallized?

When CBD begins to separate and granulate from the concentrate, it seems to solidify into a diamond-like, slushy consistency, which is known as crystallization.

When a CBD vape cartridge or oil starts to crystallize, it indicates that the product is more concentrated, pure, and of higher quality. Simply speaking, the purer the CBD, the more likely crystallization.

In general, the purity of a CBD distillate must be at least 80-85 percent to crystallize on its own. As a result, if a customer’s pen crystallizes on its own, this indicates that the product has a purity level of 80% or greater.

A popular analogy would be high-quality, raw honey and how it crystallizes on the shelf. Consumers frequently believe that their product is ruined or tainted when, in reality, it is not. To put it another way, pure honey is made up of sugar water.

In rare situations, the sugar water in honey becomes oversaturated, resulting in an unstable molecular environment. As a result, the sugar granulates and crystallizes.

The same is true for maple syrup; the purer the maple syrup or honey, the more probable it is to crystallize. CBD is the sugar water in a vape cart solution. Oversaturation causes an unstable molecular environment, which crystallizes.

Pens that do not crystallize are either using a subpar product in their cartridges or adding crystallization inhibitors, which lowers the product quality.

The particular compounds and chemicals used to suppress crystallization are unknown to consumers. Inhaling these chemicals and additives may be hazardous to one’s health.

Hemp CBD vape carts of high-quality crystallize but this does not imply that they are flawed or malfunctioning.

  • Crystallized Hemp CBD oil vape carts are NOT an indication of a faulty product.
  • The natural and safe crystallization of highly concentrated or high-quality Hemp CBD oil vape carts.
  • The use of crystalized Hemp CBD oil vape carts will not hurt you, your vaping device, or the vape oil itself.
  • The development of crystals is a GOOD SIGN and indicates high-quality Hemp CBD oil.

So, What Causes The Crystallization Of Highly Concentrated Hemp Cbd Oil?

What you’re witnessing is entirely safe, natural, and typical. Because of the high potency, Hemp CBD will begin to granulate out of the concentrate.

It’s merely science, and the process is due to Hemp Hemp CBD’s chemical and inherent qualities.

In fact, the higher the concentration of Hemp CBD in the vape cart, the more difficult it is to keep the oil in the concentrate from crystallizing or hardening.

It is comparable to high-quality, natural honey. Honey of high grade has a tendency to crystallize. While naïve customers may believe that the crystalline honey is rotten or tainted, this is not the case.

The water in honey contains more sugar (glucose and fructose) than it can naturally hold. Sugar overconcentration renders honey unstable, causing sugar to granulate and hence crystallize.

As a result, only genuine honey crystallizes, not the phony syrups seen in certain supermarkets. The same may be true for an excessive amount of Hemp CBD in a vape cart solution.

There are two critical variables for Hemp CBD crystallization from oil concentrate:


A chemical molecule, cannabidiol has a melting point of roughly 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Because the potency is too great, the Hemp CBD may harden or crystallize at temperatures higher than this, which leads us to the following consideration.


We’ve discussed it before, but it bears repeating: Hemp CBD tends to harden at high concentrations. The greater the potency, the more likely crystallization.

All molecules are not created equal. Hemp CBD and THC molecules, as well as carbohydrates like fructose, sucrose, and maltose, have various propensities to dissolve or crystallize in solvents.

These molecules are held together by the alcohol group. Because table sugar has 8 alcohols per molecule, it crystallizes more quickly. Hemp CBD, on the other hand, has two alcohols per molecule, one more than THC molecules.

That often indicates that the closer the alcohol groups are, the more molecules of Hemp CBD there are in a solution.

When the temperatures are correct, the alcohol groups compel the molecules to bond closely together, resulting in crystal formation.

CBD Crystallization Equipment

To dissolve and crystallize the CBD, a jacketed jar with stirring will be needed. A heating/cooling bath is linked to the vessel jacket and will be used to regulate the vessel’s temperature.

CBD Oil Dissolving

Pentane should be used to dissolve the transparent CBD oil. Check that the vent/condenser on the jacketed vessel is linked to an adequate blower motor or fume hood for pentane vapors. Pentane has a boiling point of 36 °C.

Pentane emits a large amount of vapor even at low temperatures.

Ascertain that the vessel condenser is cooled to -20 °C. In the jacketed vessel, combine 1 part pentane and 2 parts CBD oil.

Turn on the stirring and the heating bath, and set the temperature to 45 °C. Wait until the solution reaches 45 degrees Celsius and all of the oil has dissolved.


Set the bath temperature to 5 °C. Slow down the stirring. The solution will get more viscous as it cools. RPM should be kept above 120 by adjusting the stirrer.

CBD crystals will develop or “crash out” of the pentane solution on their own. Continue to lower the temperature to at least -10 C. The temperatures you utilize and how they fluctuate over time might influence crystal formation.

Collect CBD Crystals

When the precipitation has stopped, flush the reactor or physically remove the CBD crystals. To separate the mother liquor from the CBD crystals, vacuum filter the crystal.

To remove contaminants from the crystal surfaces, rinse them with ice-cold pentane. More pentane rinses can improve bad color, but the total yield will suffer as a result.

Keeping the CBD and materials cool during this process will aid in yield!

CBD Crystals Melting

The temperature affects crystals. They may be melted down and blended back into the cartridge’s liquid.

But wait a minute. Consider your terpenes before zapping those crystals in near-boiling water. Terpenes are delicate.

The gentler they are treated, the better they are safeguarded. Temperature extremes may cause them to decay.

Starting your re-warming slowly is the greatest approach to preserving your terpenes. Remember that CBD is gentle on you! CBD should be used with caution.

Begin gradually while warming your crystals. Drawing on the vaporizer is the first thing to attempt. Check that the gadget is charged and at room temperature. Take a couple of strong draws after that.

Often, the heat from the gadget is sufficient to melt the crystals immediately. Because the cartridge’s chamber is not in direct touch with heat, the crystals may require a little extra coaxing.

CBD crystals are frequently melted away after being warmed to 30-35 degrees Celsius. That is close to the natural temperature of the human body.

Gently rub the cartridge between your palms for a minute or two. The heat from your palms will begin to transfer into the cartridge and begin to break down the crystals.

You may add a bit more purposeful warmth if you still have a few gems hanging on. To target the crystals within and return them to their liquid form, use a hair dryer on a low setting.

Keep in mind that the cartridge might heat up as well! Allow the mouthpiece to cool before sketching with it.

Crystal Management

While crystals are a reflection of exceptional quality, they may also be avoided with careful care and preservation.

After all, if you’re on the run, you don’t want to have to stop to warm up your cartridge!

So, what are some strategies for reducing crystallization?

Keep It At Room Temperature

Low temperatures can cause crystallization. The colder the storage, the more likely it is that some of the CBD molecules may congregate and crystallize.

Storing your cartridge at temperatures ranging from 17 to 20 degrees Celsius can help keep the contents of your cartridge liquid.

Regular Drawing

If you leave your vaporizer unattended for an extended period, the lack of movement might encourage the molecules to begin to combine.

They become lonely without you! Use your vaporizer frequently, even if just for a tiny pull, to gently circulate the CBD within and aid avoid settling and crystallization.

What Are The Different Types Of CBD Crystals?

CBD Crystal Isolate

CBD Crystals are precisely that. It’s just CBD in its purest form. It was taken from the hemp plant and separated from the other cannabinoids.

Because of the simple extraction procedures, this form of CBD crystal has a white powdery look and may be used for vaping, baking, and dabbing.

Crumbled CBD Wax

CBD is extracted from an industrial hemp plant and then allowed to set naturally or in an oven to generate CBD Wax Crumble. This produces a waxy, crumbly texture, thus the name Wax Crumble.

Furthermore, unlike isolated CBD, this sort of CBD Crystal will contain terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant.

It may be smoked, dabbed, smoked in a pipe or tobacco, and utilized in a variety of food preparations.

Terpene-Enhanced CBD Isolate

To manufacture this, the CBD is extracted from an industrial hemp plant and then dried naturally or in an oven. This produces a waxy, crumbly texture, thus the name Wax Crumble.

Furthermore, unlike isolated CBD, this sort of CBD Crystal will contain terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant.

It may be dabbed, smoked with tobacco or in a pipe, and utilized in a variety of food preparations.

The Problems With CBD Crystallization

CBD in crystalline form is often difficult to utilize, especially if it is contained within a vape cartridge or similar device and meant for vaping.

If you try to vape the crystalline material, you will most likely end up extracting whatever is currently in the liquid phase, such as carrier oil or terpenes.

Concentrating the CBD even further, increasing the possibility of crystallization, and leaving all of the precious CBD in the device.

What To Look Out For When Purchasing CBD Crystals

The following are some of the best techniques for creating CBD crystals:

  • GMP Manufacturing Facility
  • Organic No pesticides or residual solvents
  • There are no heavy metals.
  • Examine their lab reports.

What Happens If Your Hemp CBD Vape Cart Crystallizes?

Hemp CBD oil and crystals are both nice, safe, and effective. We must acknowledge, though, that a crystalline Hemp CBD vape cart is difficult to deal with. Again, Hemp CBD crystals melt at around 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so heating is your best choice.

Place your vape cart in a ziplock bag or other watertight bag. Make an effort to press out as much air as possible.

For around five minutes, run the ziplock bag under hot water to dissolve the Hemp CBD crystals and transform them back into fluid.

Warning! Do not use the vape cart immediately since the metallic mouthpiece may still be quite hot.


CBD crystals are a purer, more refined type of CBD isolate.

CBD products are a trendy item in today’s market for a variety of reasons. One of the most often mentioned advantages is the reduction of pain and anxiety.

Adults of all ages can use CBD products. Whether you have an underlying medical condition that causes pain or suffering, or you simply want to relax more to put your mind at peace, there is almost certainly a CBD product for you.