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When it comes to marijuana, one must be informed, and rightly so. Even though some parts of the world have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, in some other parts, it is still awaiting approval. They are sold in seed stores if you want to buy marijuana seeds.

Most of these seed stores are online and will deliver them to you. It may surprise you, however, to know that marijuana seeds have their benefits. They contain a high amount of protein and amino acids. They can be used as additives and in baiting fish when fishing.­

One can grow marijuana seeds for different purposes, for medicinal purposes or recreation. In such cases, one may be wondering what types of seeds are the best.

In this detailed article, you will learn about the categories of marijuana seeds, the best marijuana seeds out there, and how to germinate them.

There are different marijuana seed types, and they all fall under these four categories of seeds.

  • Feminized seeds
  • Beginner seeds
  • Auto-flowering seeds
  • Medicine seeds

Feminized seeds

There are male marijuana seeds, and there are female ones too. The female ones are the ones who give the marijuana buds we all know, while the male cones produce pollen grains that fertilize the female ones to grow seeds. If you want to buy marijuana seeds that will give buds, especially as a beginner, you should go for feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are all-female ones and will bud.

If a single male seed is among what you plant by any chance, it will pollinate a host of the female ones and produce seeds rather than buds. Therefore, ensure you do not have a male seed among the ones you intend to buy; you will have more seeds instead of buds. There are also hermaphrodite plants with both male and female organs. Watch out for such as the male organs will produce pollens that will pollinate the female ones and cause the production of seeds instead of flowers.

Seeds can, however, be feminized. Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds specially bred to eliminate male chromosomes to produce females only. When they grow them, you can be sure to get female plants that will bud.

Auto-flowering seeds

Auto-flowering buds begin to flower whether exposed to the ideal conditions or not. They are a quick and easy way to grow high-quality cannabis, especially for a beginner who does not yet know how to handle and grow them.

You do not have to remove males or change their sunlight exposure before they flower. They also take less time to flower and are suitable to be grown in enclosed spaces indoors. They take less time to reach, ranging from 8 – 10 weeks. Therefore you can produce multiple batches and have multiple harvests in a season.

The advantages of auto-flowering marijuana plants seem limitless as they require fewer nutrients and have small sizes. They pardon beginner errors.

Auto-flowers come in different concentrations of THC. Some contain high THC, some contain medium THC, and some others contain low THC. You can make your choice with the degree of potency of the plants to sow.

Medicine seeds

As discussed earlier, marijuana seeds are also used for medicinal purposes. When you plant the seeds, they give rise to plants that either reduce the symptoms of an illness or pain caused by it. For example, it effectively manages chronic pain such as cancer in adults. It can help treat nausea and vomiting that result from cancer. It can also be used in managing pain in patients and other conditions.

Cannabis seeds help in dealing with depression and anxiety.

For this reason, some grow cannabis seeds. Depending on the medicinal usage it is intended for, the seeds may be high THC or low THC, but they are usually high HTC.

Beginner seeds

For people just starting in the cultivation of marijuana and know next to nothing about the cultivation of such seeds, these are the ideal seeds for you in many ways. Some cannabis strains have been developed that imbibe the excellent values of all the types of cannabis seeds fore-mentioned. Some of these factors are resistance to diseases that affect cannabis plants, such as mold and powdery mildew.

What Are The Best Marijuana Seeds You Can Easily Buy?

There are thousands of cannabis strains that have resulted from cross-breeding different species of plants for better results and characteristics.

Marijuana seeds with green tea leaf background

Let us look at the best marijuana seeds to get when shopping for marijuana seeds, the category they belong to and why they are the best.

  • White widow
  • Durban poison
  • Easy bud
  • Northern lights
  • Purple kush
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Blue dream
  • Girl scout cookies
  • Papaya
  • Cinex

White widow

White widow marijuana seeds are feminized and one of the best marijuana seeds. They bud within 8 – 10 weeks of planting and require little or no maintenance, but it still involves light. They are also easy to grow, and in terms of THC and effect, it is one of the people’s favourites.

White widow tops the list because it is one of the best. It is a great indoor plant as it can use artificial lights to replace the required sunlight and is weather-resistant. If you are looking for what will give a moderate type of high, you should consider a white widow.

Durban Poison

Durban poison is also feminized seeds that are not hybridized and can withstand different weather conditions to produce a good level of a cerebral high energy boost when smoked. It provides you with one of the best experiences. It also has a flowering period of 8 – 10 weeks.

It is also relatively easy to breed and beginner-friendly. It also has medicinal properties as it helps treat pain and depression. Little wonder it made our list.

Easy Bud

It is excellent for beginners and people with little time to tend to their plants. If you are in that category, you should consider getting the Easy bud seeds. It is a feminized and auto-flowering cannabis seed that can be grown almost everywhere and will still come out fine. It takes up to 9 weeks to flower and will yield around 45kg flower bud.

It has a THC concentration of 12% and an Indica dominant strain. Its taste is also legendary, among other strains.

Northern Lights

Northern lights is an Indica dominant strain that has several medicinal properties. It helps with depression, pain, and stress and provides a calming, euphoric effect when smoked. It is a favorite for marijuana patients in particular and has a spicy and sweet taste.

It has such a short flowering time as it flowers within 6 – 8 weeks. Aside from its short flowering time, it grows well even if not given the best environment. It is one of the best marijuana seeds out there and one you should consider in purchasing cannabis seeds.

Purple Kush

The pure and classic Indica strain is known for its sweet and earthly aroma and powerful relaxing effects. It relaxes the body and helps in the treatment of pain and stress. It also treats sleeplessness. If you desire such effects, purple kush is your go-to seed. By eight weeks, your flowers should be ready for harvest.

It is feminized and has a sweet and fruity flavor. It is also resistant and can grow pretty well under different conditions.

Acapulco Gold

This is a rare Sativa dominant strain of marijuana seeds. It provides an energetic and clear head feeling when ingested. It got its name from the area where it is found: Acapulco, and it got the gold from its colors. It is a high THC content of as high as 23%. Its effects help with stress, depression, and anxiety.

It has a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks and grows well indoors and outdoors. It is one of the best strains, becoming more scarce by the day.

Most seed stores should still have it, though. You can also check through online seed stores to see if they have.

Blue Dream

This hybrid Sativa dominant strain tastes like blueberries, provides a moderate cerebral high, and relaxes the whole body when taken. Other effects it renders are increasing pleasure and improved sex life. It has a THC of 18% and a low level of CBD. Medically, it is used in treating chronic pain and nausea.

It is a favorite of people who grow cannabis seeds at home and has an average flowering time of ten weeks. Another name for the blue dream is azure haze.

Girl Scout Cookies

This is a feminized cannabis seed that has 50% Indica strain and 50% Sativa strain. It has as high as 21% THC and can be grown indoors or outdoors. It provides a relaxed and euphoric feeling. It is known for its medicinal properties of relieving pain, nausea, and many others.

It has a flowering time of an average of ten weeks also. It is an excellent seed for someone who is a beginner in growing cannabis seeds and is resistant to pests and mold.

NB: It is advisable to grow the plant outdoors as it loves to stretch. If you want to grow it indoors, make provisions for its stretching.


Papaya seeds are heavy, greasy marijuana strains that are fast-growing and resistant to diseases. It grows short and dense. It got its name from its tropical exotic fruity smell. It has a THC of 18% and a flowering time of 11 weeks.

The papaya strain, however, is not advisable to be grown by beginners but by someone more experienced in growing such plants.


Cinex is feminized marijuana that is easy to grow and advisable for beginners. Cinex can be grown indoors and has a short flowering time of 7 – 9 weeks. It gives an energetic high and has a relaxed and talkative effect. It immediately became people’s favorite when it came out, and you will doubt like it too. Our list cannot be complete without giving it a mention.


Now that you have seen a list of the best marijuana seeds and have likely determined which one to get, the question remains; how do you plant them once you get them?

There are many ways of germinating a marijuana seed. You can grow it in soil or with paper towels.

To germinate it in soil;

  1. Sow them in a pot or outdoors in the garden, and ensure the soil is light and moist so the root can penetrate when it starts growing.
  2. Cover with soil loosely

To germinate it with paper towels;

  1. Take four paper towels and soak with clean water. Ensure it is not too soaked.
  2. Take two out of the paper towels, place them on a surface and place your marijuana seeds on top. Ensure they are not too close to each other.
  3. Cover with the remaining two soaked paper towels
  4. Create a warm condition for the seeds by placing them in a warm place
  5. Check regularly if the paper towels still contain more. If they are not, add more water to it.

The seeds should germinate within 3 – 10 days. It is not viable if it does not grow by the 14th day.


Since growing marijuana is being made legal gradually in different countries, growing them will be an excellent idea, if not for anything, for their medicinal uses. It is pretty easy to cultivate and has a short flowering life. You will get your harvest just weeks after harvesting, and for auto-flowering plants with a short flowering time, you get to plant and get multiple harvests.