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Driving stoned? Know the Consequences of Smoking Cannabis in the Car

The consequences of smoking Cannabis in the car are serious for health. However, smoking weed is legal in several countries. As of 2018, countries such as Australia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Uruguay, the Netherlands, and some jurisdictions in the United States have less restrictive Cannabis laws.

It is becoming more and more common in the United States, and that is that nowhere in its law does it not specifically prohibit personal consumption exclusively with a particular medical prescription.

One thing is to know that you are high, but another is where? I mean in what place. Without the competent authorization for medical treatment, you cannot go around doing what you want and take your doses with you, much less in a means of transport. In fact, smoking in the car is illegal in many states, and therefore the authorities are warning people not to smoke in the car because it violates traffic laws.

Nowadays, smoking Cannabis in the car is common, however, can also be extremely dangerous. You may think that smoking a joint while driving is not a big deal, just a bit of attitude and relaxation, but its consumption can seriously affect your ability to drive. In fact, Cannabis use doubles the risk of a car accident. Did you know it? Well, now you know it! Keep reading and find out more.

Cannabis-related traffic accidents have increased today. This is due to the habitual consumption of Cannabis due to its regulation in several states. In general, consumers who have been under the influence, take the car keys as if it were normal.

Driving while intoxicated in any form is obviously a bad idea

But smoking a joint or eating Cannabis gummies before getting behind the wheel can pose distinct risks. In the same way, it is not convenient to go behind the wheel when you smoke, much less when you are accompanied, since the risk is double. Rather, you can ask your trusted person who knows how to drive and has a license to drive for you.

Imagine being super stoned and traveling at the speed of light off-planet when you’re actually driving down the highway speeding and ignoring traffic lights. Also, you’re thinking of following the path of the stars when it’s actually pedestrians who flee from your path so as not to be run over. What a disaster that would be!

We all know that it is difficult to predict how much Cannabis will affect you and how long the effects will last while driving. The effects of smoking Cannabis are immediate, but wear off within a few hours as they are not that instant, but can last for an unpredictable amount of time.

At Hurcann we are going to explain the consequences of smoking Cannabis in the car, why you should NOT smoke in the car, its reasons in terms of health and that of your vehicle, how dangerous it is, and some recommendations to quit smoking in your car at the end of this article.

What happens if I smoke Cannabis in my car? Health and safety reasons why you should NOT do it

Is driving stoned as dangerous as drunk driving? It is just as dangerous to drive after smoking, in fact, it is worse. The percentage of deaths related to vehicular accidents by smoking Cannabis has doubled in the last decade in the US, while the percentage of alcohol-related deaths have remained about the same.

The potential danger of cannabis use while driving is due to the psychoactive effects that cause paranoia and panic attacks, which can lead to unsafe driving.

Driving under the influence of psychoactive drugs can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. We would even say worse.

This is because Cannabis can create a sense of altered time, the feeling that everything around you is moving slower, and you are driving slower. Whereas alcohol will make you drive faster.

When you are drunk, you are most likely conscious. But, you don’t maintain precision. Unlike being high, you may be able to maintain preciseness, but your mind is not with reality.

Consequences of smoking Cannabis in your car

May decrease the ability to drive. Interferes with skills similar to or necessary for driving. And it is not the same or similar to being under the influence or effects of alcoholic beverages.

Godfrey Pearlson, a professor of neuroscience at Yale University, did a study based on the drug tests of drivers involved in traffic accidents. He determined in a trial with several regular users the following:

“Cannabis can remain in the fatty tissues for up to 28 days, a positive drug test does not necessarily mean that the driver was under psychoactive effects at the time of driving. Which can lead to inaccurate measurements of how Cannabis actually affects a person’s ability to drive.”

  • Godfrey Pearlson – professor of neuroscience at Yale University –

It can affect a person’s ability at the time to drive, as it confuses the perception of what is safe and what is not. So consuming THC throughout the day and running a series of driving simulations, the result is catastrophic, at worst.

In the evaluation of the degree of affectation and his ability to drive, in the first 30 minutes between smoking and driving, it can be said that he is stable. But from the time of placing them in the worst case, the condition would be impossible, unless a couple of hours elapsed.

Driving under the influence would not be timely due to the damage or accident that it may cause. Even more so when the usual situation. If so, you shouldn’t be driving, not because of your lack of skills and abilities. If not, the aftereffects can remain for several weeks.

This makes it dangerous for your health, for other drivers, those with you, for pedestrians, and even for your vehicle. They will all be vulnerable for a simple reason that you can avoid just by making a decision and not suffering the consequences.

Why is it dangerous for health?

The ability to make a correct evaluation of Cannabis on the wheel is complicated because smokable products of this type generally contain THC, which is a type of intoxicating substance that impairs a series of behaviors related to driving.

These behaviors are usually the distortion of the sense of time. It makes it difficult to measure speed and distances. The ability to move between lanes. Response times, and the reaction along with the concentration or ability to stay within the lane for several minutes.

Tips on how to stop smoking Cannabis in your car

Driving under the influence of Cannabis is a complex issue. The smart thing to do is avoid it and that is simply not driving a vehicle.

What we are sure of is that Cannabis increases the risk of having an accident. If you own a vehicle, share it with a family member or partner so that they can take you, It is the most appropriate.

We know that there is nothing better than moving as you want, where you want, and when you want. But, the most advisable thing is the prevention of an accident, right? Because it doubles the chances of a fatal crash, and it is your life that may be in danger and that of the people who accompany you.

Smoking is not a recreational activity or medicine that can be done inside the car. It is harmful to you and your car! Also, if you smoke in your car, you are risking your life and the lives of others. Cigarette smoke in a closed vehicle can be twice as dangerous as smoking outdoors.

Conclusion on the consequences of smoking Cannabis in the car

In this article, we analyze how dangerous and harmful it is to smoke in a car, both for the smoker and for the passengers, including the vehicle.

Recreational consumption continues to become popular, and will not stop growing. Knowing this, you have to be aware because it affects your abilities behind the wheel.

If you smoke, don’t drive. Driving under the influence of Cannabis is dangerous because its effects make you feel out of place. It can also affect, although not, those habitual consumers who are not high when driving a vehicle.

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