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Delta-8 Moonrocks: An Ultimate Guide 

Delta-8 Moonrocks

Hemp flowers rolled with Delta-8 oil (concentration) and sprinkled with CBG-containing Kief makeup Delta-8 Moon Rocks.

Moon Rocks are popular among cannabis connoisseurs and medical patients due to their reputation for producing a powerful, long-lasting full-body transformation.

The jagged and cratered surface of a Delta-8 Moon Rock is what gives it its unique name. However, don’t be deceived. These pebble-sized rocks pack a punch that would otherwise require a boulder.

Delta-8 THC moon rocks are the strongest kind of smokable legal hemp, so named for their otherworldly appearance and cerebral high.

Read on to discover more about Delta-8 Moon Rocks, the many strains of Delta-8 Moon Rocks, and how these extraterrestrial-sounding things might help you “blast away” from the pressures of everyday life.

What are DELTA-8 Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are cannabis buds dipped in CBD or THC distillate and rolled in kief powder. In other words, the potent and varied effects of Moon Rocks come from the fact that they are a combination of two or more distinct cannabis strains.

Moon Rocks are like a delectable fruit-filled cake frosted with thick, rich cream cheese icing. While each part is enjoyable, the whole is truly magnificent.

These Moon Rocks contain three times as much cannabis flower as a regular joint, resulting in profound psychoactive and physiological effects.

These Delta-8 Moon Rocks provide physical relaxation and mental stimulation because of the synergistic effects of Bubba Kush, the upbeat effects of Diesel, and the healing properties of CBG and CBD.

How is DELTA-8 Moon Rocks Made?

The exact origin of Moon Rocks is unknown. Still, it was likely developed in the 1970s in California as a technique to recycle unused kief and boost the potency of low-grade cannabis.

Making Moon Rocks now follows a more considered procedure that doesn’t just result in a Frankenstein’s monster of grafted-together buds. Current Moon Rocks supplement the effects of the base strain and distillate with higher amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids such as CBG and CBD.

The first step in making this product is starting with a Bubba Kush that was produced organically in a greenhouse and then hand-trimmed at its pinnacle of maturity.

Buds are coated with a sticky mixture of Delta-8 Diesel terpenes, which infuse the plant from the outside and stick to the buds from the inside.

The rocky appearance and additional cannabinoids come from rolling the Delta-8 buds, which have already been coated in the distillate, in powdery kief made from CBG and CBD flower.

Benefits of DELTA-8 THC Moon Rocks

Cannabis buds and white blank paper with smoke swirls on a dark background

Since homeostasis (the body’s natural resting state) is related to the CB1 and C2B cannabis receptors, many users report feeling more relaxed and content after consuming Delta-8-THC Moon Rocks.

Other Delta-8-THC consumers have experienced similar calm, energy, and mental clarity states. Some users have reported that Delta-8-THC has helped them avoid nausea associated with hangovers.

More remarkably, studies show that Delta-8-THC increases the production of Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in learning, memory, motivation, and plasticity in the brain.

Additional benefits of Delta-8-THC Moon Rocks are as follows:

  • Calming Anxiety
  • Those who have not benefited much from CBD
  • Persons with a poor Delta-9-THC tolerance
  • Cure for Aversions
  • Help for cramping and pain during menstruation.
  • Aid for the Hangover
  • Those with low libido tend to suffer from various psychological problems.

Different Strains of DELTA-8 Moon Rocks

Delta-8 Moon Rocks come in a wide variety of strains. Due to its psychedelic properties, Delta-8 Moon Rocks is a unique product that stimulates the mind while calming the body. For this reason, many people utilize Moon Rocks for the pure purpose of having fun.

You can enjoy these Delta-8 Moon Rocks and feel relief effects anytime or at night. The flavors produced by these varieties are highly distinctive.

Adding pure Delta-8 Distillate on top of the flower, followed by a generous layer of CBG Kief, creates a delicious combination of the distinct flavors of the wide varieties of hemp flowers.

Here are the 6 strains of Delta-8 Moon Rocks:

Northern Lights Flower with Berry Gelato D8 Distillate

One of the most well-liked types of cannabis, Northern Lights, is included in this moon rock strain. This Moon Rocks strain combines the potency of the Northern Lights flower with the relaxing effects of a distillate of Berry Gelato Delta-8.

If you’re looking for an Indica-dominant strain to help you unwind before bed, look no further than this one.

Moon Rocks’ sweet flavor and fruity perfume come from the distillate named after the dessert, Berry Gelato D8, which coats each bud.

The inhale of this strain imparts a candy blueberry flavor, while the exhale is reminiscent of tasty gummy bears. While the aroma and flavor of Berry Gelato are undeniably memorable, the product’s physiological and mental impacts will last with you.

Zittles Moon Rocks covered with Blue Zittles DELTA-8 Distillate

The effects of taking Moonrocks on one’s body and brain are synergistic and enjoyable.

One of the most well-known mixes is Zittles Moon Rocks. The Zittles flower produces a spinning, energizing mental high, while the Blue Zittles Delta-8 extract induces tingling, nearly out-of-body feelings. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure that challenges your body and your mind equally.

Zittles, the original parent strain, makes the Moon Rocks strain so powerful. Zittles, a product of breeding Grape Apes with Grapefruit, is more powerful and has more extensive effects than either of its parents.

Zittles is a hybrid strain with a high percentage of Indica; it produces a jolt of energy that keeps smokers alert so they may enjoy the strain’s calming and uplifting effects.

Kush Mints combined with Lemon OG Kush Distillate

This Moonrocks item gives you a pleasant mental and physical high and smells like fresh lemons.

Fast-acting Lemon OG Kush distillate is melted onto the flower in this Moon rocks recipe for a sedative effect. OG #18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk are the two potent strains that created Lemon OG Kush.

Users already familiar with other members of the Kush family will not be shocked to hear that it induces calming effects and a tranquil mood that aids in managing tense and nervous feelings. D-Limonene dominates the strain’s rich terpene profile, giving it a zesty lemon aroma, while the strain’s sweet taste is reminiscent of citrus-flavored candies.

Lemon OG Kush is officially a hybrid of equal parts Indica and Sativa. Effects are not usually predictable from genetic makeup; however, it is spot on in the case of Lemon OG Kush.

A buzzing sensation begins low in the body and radiates outward. The mental effects of the drug follow the onset of the physical ones like a flash of inspiration. Lemon OG Kush stands out from the rest of the Kush family due to its cerebral effects.

Bubba Kush Flower enhanced with Sour Diesel Distillate

If you’ve been looking for the ideal Moonrocks package, consisting of equal parts potent Sativa and Indica, your search is over.

The strain crosses the legendary potency of Super Sour Diesel and the Indica-dominant qualities of India Bubba Kush delta-8. When combined, they produce an unparalleled high. BK’s physically calming, relaxing, and cool vibes complement SSD’s euphoric, refreshing, and fast-acting cerebral effects.

Orange Gelato covered with Orange Cookies Distillate

To all the fans of oranges! The Orange Cookies Delta-8 Distillate that coats the Orange Gelato flower is more than just orange-flavored moon pebbles. It’s a mood booster that helps you feel better overall and may improve your concentration.

These Delta-8 Moon Rocks have an orange Gelato flower as their foundation. This flower is a well-balanced hybrid strain with a pleasant taste and is noted for its uplifting effects.

Orange Gelato Delta-8 THC flower produces a mild and delightful high that begins in the brain and travels down through the body, making it a good choice for users searching for a midday strain that won’t fog the head or keep the body too drowsy to function.

Skywalker OG fortified with Ghost Train Haze Distillate

Skywalker OG flowers are used in this strain, and they are killed to the utmost with CBG and doused with terped-out Ghost Train Haze distillate.

Two potent strains have been fused in the unique Ghost Train Haze distill x Skywalker OG Moon Rocks, creating a rocket fuel-like high.

Ghost Train Haze, one of the euphoric Sativa-dominant strains in the world, combines the extreme Indica control of Skywalker OG to create this delta-8 THC high.

You’ll be taken on a roller coaster of euphoria, relaxation, and energy and emerge from it feeling like you can take on the universe.

Moon Rocks: Strongest DELTA-8 THC Flower

Cannabis Buds

Moon Rocks contain more than 35% Delta-8 THC, making them the most potent Delta-8 product. Moon Rocks are formulated explicitly for seasoned cannabis consumers who want more THC to feel the desired effects.

These kief-covered buds smell like chocolate and coffee with hints of fruit on the exhale and are sticky and delightful to smoke. These MoonRock nugs have a deeper green color and a robust bud structure. It has a tasty earthiness and fruitiness, not unlike cannabis, but not quite like hemp.

The powerful physical effects of Delta-8 Moon Rocks can be felt within 5 minutes of the initial hit and continue to build over the following fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the psychotropic effects lift spirits and give the experience a buoyant tone while the body relaxes.

These Moon Rocks are the most robust D8 flower on the market, with a THC content of 37.5% Delta-8.

The nugs are on par with Delta-8 hemp flowers in terms of potency. More than half of the plant is composed of active components.

Moon Rocks contains an average of 37.5% Delta-8 THC, which is significantly higher than the THC levels in most ordinary Delta-8 strains and is complemented by high cannabigerol (CBG) levels, cannabidiol (CBD), and terpenes.

Pro Tips For DELTA-8 Moon Rocks Safety

Below are some tips you should remember while buying or using Delta-8 Moon Rocks.

Make sure you’re Purchasing from a Trustworthy Vendor.

It is essential to examine the lab results to ensure the moon rocks you want to buy have been tested for impurities such as residual chemicals, poisons, and pesticides to confirm that the distillate they use is safe and high-quality.

Many online retailers in the USA provide Delta-8 Moon Rocks.

The flower must be pure and free of any potentially dangerous contaminants because you plan on smoking moon rocks.

Take Care to Say Hydrated.

It’s a good idea to have a lot of water nearby if you plan on smoking moon rocks, as you won’t feel like moving about much once the high has set in.

Eat Before Smoking

Pay attention to the word “before” here, as if a moon rock proves too potent, you may feel less queasy if you’ve eaten recently or have something in your stomach.

Start Small and Go Slow.

First, it’s best to take things slowly and carefully.

Take a little hit, wait a while, and then increase the dose as needed, just like you would with edibles. The adage “slow and steady wins the race” rings true here.

Carefully Choose your Surroundings.

The environment has an important role as well. In other words, if you’re going to take a trip to the moon, do it in a calm and encouraging setting where the air you breathe will nourish your spirit. Your body and mind will be in “stuck mode,” requiring you to take it easy on the couch.

Best Ways to Smoke DELTA-8 Moon Rocks

Contrary to popular belief, Moon Rocks are best enjoyed in crystal pipes with either mid to large chambers.

When wrapped into a joint or blunt, the distillate that holds the kief to the flower can be problematic and cause the cigarette to go out.

To get around this, some consumers mix Moon Rocks with a lot of CBG or CBD flower, which provides a cleaner burn. Since the warmed distillate can solidify and block small pipes, it’s best to avoid using them. There are a lot of fans that will only smoke Moon Rocks out of bongs.

Break Up Single Bud/Nug

Moon Rocks require a lot of breaking up before you can even light up a joint. Rather than a grinder, a knife or your hands will work just as well. The powdery kief that covers Moon Rocks makes it challenging to deal with in a grinder, and the bud’s sap-like fluidity makes it challenging to handle.

Put a Piece of the MoonRock Nug into Your Smoking Device.

When using a pipe or bong, sprinkle a small amount of Moon Rock loosely in the bowl after cutting or breaking up the nug.

However, if you want to mix Moon Rocks with a Cannabidiol or CBD flower, you should add the flower and, once again, press it firmly before putting a Moon Rock piece on top.

Light DELTA-8 Moon Rocks slowly.

Gently ignite the Moon Rocks with a blaze and take deep, slow drags. To avoid clogging your standard pipe, tilt it away from you as you inhale.


While smoking, the Delta-8 Moon Rock nug might bubble and melt. Generally, this occurs. When lighted, it will adhere to your fingers and give an uncomfortable sensation, so be careful.

Enormous clouds of vaporization are common when inhaling the sticky distillate, so brace yourself.

Once you’ve inhaled enough, exhale slowly.

Prepare yourself for a lot of hacking and sputtering. First-time consumers of Moon Rocks products can expect a pleasant surprise from the product’s initial effect.


Be cautious when using Delta-8 Moon Rocks; they have a significant potential for inducing a dangerous level of intoxication.

Although the euphoric effects of Delta-8 THC are less intense than those of Delta 9, they are potent enough to cause consumers to consume too much of the drug.

Due to the potency of Delta-8 THC in Delta-8 Moon Rocks, it’s recommended to start with a small dose and wait 20 to 30 minutes before attempting a higher one.

So, have an over-the-moon experience with Delta-8 Moon Rocks.