hemp-derived products

The cannabis manufacturing industry is getting more innovative and exciting by the day, and one of the latest innovations is that of CBD edibles. CBD edibles are widely accepted with open arms by CBD fans for many reasons, and hence there is an increase in demand for them from all sides. If you want to […]

How Deep To Plant Marijuana Seeds

Planting marijuana seeds can be a tricky process, especially if you are not sure how far down to plant them. Knowing the correct depth to plant your marijuana seed is important for ensuring that your plants get the right amount of sunlight and water they need to grow healthy and strong. In this article, we’ll […]


Have you ever wondered how pre-rolls get their unique flavors or how they maintain an even burn? The answer lies in the coating process. Coating pre-rolls involves adding an outer layer of material to the surface of the pre-roll, typically composed of ground cannabis or hemp flower rolled into a cigar-like shape. This process can […]

The Showdown: Hash Rocks vs. Moon Rocks – Which is Better?

Get your bongs ready, because today we are going to be talking about two of the most popular cannabis concentrates there are: hash rocks and moon rocks! And if you are like us, and get overwhelmed with the amount of options that are available in the cannabis market, don’t worry! We will also be getting […]


Delta-9 THC continues to be the most well-known and divisive of the more than 100 cannabinoids present in hemp and cannabis. Suppose you have questions about the product’s safety or are particularly interested in knowing more about Delta-9 THC extracted from hemp. In that case, this article will thoroughly explain all you need to know. […]


Have you ever wondered what those little paper cones at the end of your pre-rolls are for? Or why do some pre-rolls seem to burn smoother and slower than others? The answer lies in the use of Pre-roll Filter Tips. Pre-roll Filter Tips are small paper cones placed at the end of a pre-rolled cigarette […]


If you need clarification on what THCa implies, this article will explain all you need to know about THCa powder. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, also known as THCa, is the precursor to the acidic form of THC. The cannabis plant contains THCa, a non-psychoactive compound that should not be confused with THC. The psychoactive substance that makes […]

Where Is Hash Produced? History, Production.

Hash is an ancient cannabis concentrate, first emerging in the ancient world and quickly gaining popularity in Egypt, Persia, and Central Asia. Hash remains popular millennia later, even though a variety of alternative cannabis concentrates and extracts have evolved in the recently legalized sector. This guide will help you better understand all you need to […]

Which Hash Is The Strongest?

With all the hype around extracts like crumble, shatter, and budder, many people forget about hash, one of the oldest cannabis concentrates on the planet. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the many different types of hash from around the globe! What is Legal Hash? The term “legal hash” refers to any form of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pre-Rolled Cannabis

Pre-Rolled cannabis

Here we go folks! We have created the ultimate guide to pre-rolls so that your knowledge can achieve Snoop Dogg levels and you can become the joint sommelier your friend group desperately needs! Bongs, pipes, vapes, edibles, and patches are all great ways to enjoy cannabis, but I think we can all agree that there […]