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Buy Marijuana Seeds in Missouri

Missouri is well-known for its BBQ, beer, and, more lately, medicinal marijuana!

Residents can now cultivate cannabis seeds in the privacy of their own homes after medical marijuana legislation was enacted. You’ve come to the right place if you want to plant weed seeds in Missouri.

Read on to learn about the finest seed banks that ship to Missouri, top-rated seed strains, grow recommendations, and an in-depth look at Missouri’s cannabis legislation.

Let’s go!

The History of Cannabis in Missouri

Green cannabis leaf. Medical marijuana legalization symbol

Missouri’s cannabis history is littered with strong opponents of prohibition and marijuana activists seeking rational legislation.

As you might expect, parties on both sides of the political line have struggled over marijuana policy throughout the years. An in-depth look at Missouri’s cannabis regulations may be found below.

Cannabis Laws in Missouri

Missouri has come a long way from cannabis prohibition to authorized medicinal marijuana.

Let’s talk about Missouri’s historical and present cannabis legislation, and how these current laws pave the road for recreational cannabis in the Show Me State.

Missouri Prohibits Cannabis

Although the precise date is unknown, Missouri, like the rest of the states in the United States, prohibited cannabis in the early 1930s.

The ban rendered growing marijuana seeds and their derivatives unlawful. It would be over a century after prohibition ended before Missouri authorized medicinal marijuana.

Missouri Enacts Partial Decriminalization of Cannabis

Senate Bill 491 was approved in 2014.

SB 491 reduced the penalty for small possession from prison to a minor misdemeanor. The bill, however, was denied by the acting Governor.

Finally, the measure was enacted and signed into law in Missouri in 2017.

Missouri Legalizes CBD Oil

Missouri approved CBD oil as a legal drug in 2014.

Jay Nixon, the acting governor, signed HB 2238 (Missouri Medical Marijuana Bill) into law. The measure, however, was confined to medical patients with severe seizures who had been diagnosed by a professional neurologist.

Additionally, CBD oil is only authorized if it contains no more than 5% THC.

Missouri Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Missouri voters approved Amendment 2 to allow medicinal marijuana in 2018. The first legal medicinal marijuana sales, however, will not take place until October 2020.

Residents can acquire cannabis from registered outlets and cultivate up to six cannabis seeds at home under the medicinal marijuana program.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana License in Missouri

If you want to produce cannabis seeds at home, you’ll need to obtain a Missouri medical marijuana card.

Begin the registration procedure at Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services. After completing the course, you will have access to Missouri’s medicinal marijuana program as well as the opportunity to cultivate marijuana seeds at home!

The Legality of Cannabis Seeds and Seed Banks in Missouri

Cannabis seeds are legal in Missouri in general.

The medicinal marijuana program in Missouri permits people to cultivate up to six cannabis seedlings at home. Residents can also purchase and possess cannabis seeds from internet seed banks.

Remember, in Missouri, the amount of seeds you have doesn’t matter. When it comes to marijuana seeds, the amount that sprouts is what matters.

As long as you keep below the legal six-plant limit, you should be able to avoid the attention of law authorities.

However, when it comes to cannabis rules in your city, always consult with local officials.

Cannabis Culture in the Show Me State

So, the Missourian government disagrees with the majority of the people, but with a history of music, art, and gastronomy as rich as that of the Show-Me State, you’d better believe that our magnificent leaf has been here for a long time.

Though we would never encourage someone to breach the law, we believe that free speech and peaceful assembly remain permissible.

Get outside! Smoke your cannabis and express yourself! Like the eradication of slavery in the magnificent state of Missouri, the day will come when cannabis consumers will no longer have to flee and hide.

Who knows, perhaps modern Missouri governments will take a page from the playbook of liberty and profit handsomely from the legalization of marijuana.

In other places, marijuana income has been utilized to fund social empowerment programs, early education, art projects, and improved parks and schools for children.

With all of the advantages of legalizing and taxing marijuana, the only limit is your local community’s ingenuity.

Missouri’s Booming Medical Marijuana Industry

It’s no surprise that medicinal marijuana sales are surging in the Show Me State.

Missouri now has over 100,000 medicinal marijuana patients. Furthermore, medicinal marijuana sales have exceeded $3 million per week, totaling $40 million since the project’s inception in late 2020.

Overall, it’s reasonable to conclude that if recreational cannabis is legalized in Missouri, the state’s revenue will want to see the money.

Missouri’s Black Market for Cannabis Seeds and Products

Although cannabis seeds, seed banks, and medicinal marijuana shops are legal in Missouri, the underground market thrives.

Because cannabis is inexpensive, many locals prefer to purchase it on the illicit market. However, inexpensive cannabis is rarely a safe weed. In other words, cannabis obtained on the illegal market is frequently polluted with substances that are hazardous to one’s health.

Furthermore, buying or growing cannabis seeds from a local dealer is not advised. Always cultivate confirmed seed strains to ensure you know what to anticipate.

In other words, always acquire cannabis seeds and marijuana goods from seed banks. You will avoid dangerous chemicals and untested seed strains in Missouri by doing so.

Transporting Marijuana Seeds and Products Out of Missouri

Missouri makes it quite clear that transporting cannabis out of the state is prohibited.

Missouri considers the transit of cannabis into and out of its borders to be trafficking, with severe penalties. In other words, if you bring cannabis into or out of Missouri, you might be prosecuted under trafficking statutes.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Missouri

It is no longer a severe danger to produce cannabis seeds at home in Missouri, according to the medical marijuana law.

However, there are a few factors to consider before purchasing marijuana seeds from an online seed bank and growing them.

When to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Missouri

Missouri has a humid subtropical climate overall.

In other words, winters range from pleasant to frigid (depending on where you live), while summers are humid and hot. Finally, temperatures in Missouri vary between extremes.

As a result, to guarantee a healthy growing season, you must sow your weed seeds at the appropriate time.

If you cultivate plants outside, the best time to start them is between late April and the middle of May. Remember to postpone germination until the threat of frost has passed in your location.

You can plant cannabis seeds inside at any time!

Issues to Consider When Growing Marijuana Seeds in Missouri

Green cannabis leaves isolated over white background. Growing medical marijuana

Now, let’s go over a few important factors that may have a negative influence on your Missouri cannabis garden.

As a result, you want to prevent each of these concerns, which is why we’ve included detailed information on each one. Here is a list of issues that may develop while producing cannabis seeds in Missouri:

  • Law enforcement
  • Thieves
  • Inclement Weather
  • Pests and diseases

Now, let’s go through each aspect and how it might harm your cannabis growth and yield.

Law Enforcement

What about Missouri residents who have an MMJ card and follow the rules? The cops can’t do anything if you’re cultivating the maximum amount of cannabis seedlings, which is six.

You’re breaking the law if you breach the guidelines and cultivate more than six cannabis seeds. If you breach the law and are detected, you may face criminal penalties that can destroy your day.

Given that medicinal marijuana is allowed, there’s no reason to be caught with your trousers down (without a medical marijuana license).

However, life happens, so if you don’t have a medical marijuana license, make sure your cannabis growth is hidden!


Nothing is more appealing to a thief in the night than unattended cannabis grow. As a result, whether you produce cannabis indoors or outdoors, you need to beef up your security.

If you produce cannabis seeds inside, make sure you have security cameras and alarm systems in place to dissuade would-be burglars. If you plant weed seeds outside, a sturdy fence and motion-sensor illumination deter prospective thieves.

Aside from different security precautions — and don’t forget the golden rule of growing cannabis at home — never tell anyone that you produce a pot.

No one should know about the top-shelf buds blooming in your yard as long as you keep your cannabis garden to yourself!

Inclement Weather

Throughout the summer, Missouri experiences hot and humid weather.

Humidity brings clouds, and clouds bring buckets of rain, soaking your weed harvest from June through August. In other words, you must be prepared for severe weather in the form of thunderstorms.

Furthermore, after summer is over, the temperatures decrease quickly. As a result, fast-flowering seed strains should always be purchased from an online seed bank. You may harvest well before the first frost of fall by planting fast-flowering seed strains.

Diseases And Pests

Missouri is a breeding environment for pests and illnesses due to the extra moisture in the air.

Unaware cannabis growers face crop-destroying outbreaks of powdery mildew, bud rot, rust, spider mites, and other pests. As a result, you should always keep organic insecticides and fungicides on hand.

Organic pesticides and fungicides, on the other hand, are only bandages. To avert an all-out pest and disease war, purchase pest and disease-resistant seed strains from an online seed bank.

By doing so, you will prevent one of the most annoying issues that cannabis farmers worldwide face.

Which Marijuana Seed Store Is the Best Option for Missouri Residents?

Now, let’s look at the two main seed bank alternatives available to Missouri citizens.

Local Cannabis Seed Stores in Missouri

Local seed banks or medicinal marijuana stores are the least prevalent places to acquire cannabis seeds in Missouri.

Medical marijuana dispensaries already sell cannabis goods including flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Missouri currently lacks a designated local seed bank.

If you locate cannabis seeds for sale at a local seed bank, be prepared to pay a hefty price. As a result, we always advise Missouri citizens to look for cannabis seeds through internet seed banks.

Online Cannabis Seed Banks That Ship to Missouri

If you want to get the most affordable and best cannabis seeds in Missouri, you must go through an online seed bank.

The following are the two greatest online seed banks that ship to Missouri:


Several seed strains are available from Hurcann Seed Bank, ranging from award winners to hyper-fast-flowering seed packets. Whatever your preferences are, you’ll discover the best weed seeds for your garden here.

Furthermore, Hurcann Seed Bank provides a great customer experience as well as quick shipment to Missouri.

Tips for Growing Cannabis Seeds in Missouri

Now, let’s go over a few pointers that will transform a mediocre harvest into a top-tier harvest of scale-busting buds!

Buy Cannabis Seeds From a Reputable Online or Local Seed Bank in Missouri

First and foremost, always get cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank in Missouri.

With so many seed banks on the internet, you must conduct your research to select a seed bank that has thousands of excellent ratings.

You’ll always locate the greatest cannabis seeds that develop into green beauties this way.

Remember that seed banks, whether local or online, are the entryway to thousands of certified seed strains. From award-winning seed strains to limited edition seed packs, a reputable seed bank will provide any seed strain you’ve ever desired.

Buy Cannabis Seeds for Your Regional Climate in Missouri

Next, always get cannabis seeds that are appropriate for your Missouri environment.

Keep in mind that Caruthersville is much hotter than Maryville, so you’ll need to know how hot or cold your area is. You can get the right cannabis seeds from a seed bank if you understand the weather patterns in your area.

Finally, selecting cannabis seeds based on your local environment will provide a stress-free growth season.

Plan Your Cannabis Garden in Advance

Last but not least, you should always plan your cannabis garden.

Before germinating cannabis seeds, you must first plan and set up your garden. If you rush, you can find yourself between a rock and a hard place if the garden requires changes.

Even if your cannabis seeds from a seed bank arrive sooner than intended, don’t break them until the garden is ready!


Buying marijuana seeds in Missouri may be challenging because there are no stores or dispensaries that offer them. In Missouri, you may buy marijuana seeds online.

Hurcann is a reputable seed bank with years of retail expertise and outstanding customer assistance. The website is easy to use and has thorough information to assist you in selecting the best cannabis seeds.

They pledge to mail marijuana seeds to Missouri in a discrete manner. If you are not a medical marijuana patient and are unable to produce pot right now, you may still purchase seeds and store them for future usage.